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Short history and present

The firm Cekometal was set to enter into Czech metallurgy restructuring process. The Italian part put the experiences with similar process running in Northen Italy 20 years ago and experiences with waste treatment processes. The Czech side put the know how from the area of metallurgy, chemical analysis, process control and from a proprietary waste treatment technologies.

  Metallurgical waste treatment process schematic


Even if the restructuring process of the metallurgical technologies was solved by the Czech government by different way  the firm is working successfully.

The firm Cekometal operates mainly in the region of Northen Moravia where the restructuring process of heavy engineering into other precise technologies is running. Therefore we can provide experts, technologies and support in similar process in any regions.

Our sight

With regard on  the experiences in research, development and technological processes we are ready to support the works in various branches of industry. Simultaneously we can arrange links among firms not only in our region but also around the world.  

The working team of Cekometal is coordinate by Z. Bajger and A. Delalio.


Development of chemical analysis, delivery of methods

The firm cooperates with several engineering companies and precision engineering production shops. The other cooperating firm installs computing systems including telematic network installation and development of software.

From the products that we are able to propose we can mention the fermentation system of waste water treatment sludge, pyrolytical treatment of hazardous and municipal waste, combined heat and electricity(CHE) generation and others.

Company profile

From the present activities we can mention the development of biomass and municipal waste treatment technologies, the reclamation of polluted land, the installation of measuring and control systems as well as general expertise, market research, metallurgical research, ISO 9001:2001 etc.

Company  is a member of industrial cluster "ENVICRACK" which assembly about twenty  engineering, waste treatment and machinery firms including the Technical University of Ostrava. See participation.









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