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Company location

The activity is located  in the Moravian Silesian region, close to Poland  and Slovakia border (see the map). The region is one of the most industrialized area in the Czech Republic. Here is in the region concentrated iron and steel production, heavy engineering production and increasingly car production too.

From the most interesting products we can describe:

  • Nuclear power plants components steam generators, compensators, vessels for transport of radioactive waste, barbotage vessels, separators.
  • Ship engine parts as semi-built-up crankshafts, connecting rods, piston rods and crowns, cylinder covers or ship parts. Seamless high-pressure steel cylinders for compressed gases, liquefied and under pressure dissolved gases of test pressures up to 525 bar.
  • Pressure vessels and accumulator
    shells with testing pressures up to 986 bar. Steel cylinders for CNG (Compressed Natural Gas). Welded steel vessels for LPG (Liquified Petroleum Gas)
  • plate products: Steel and bridge structures, ship building, abrasion resistant plates, pressure vessels used in normal, or elevated temperatures, special military engineering, flame cut shapes offshore structures
  • Rails
  • Many other steel products

It is necessary to mention that in Ostrava town, two universities are located and of a most important from  the industrial activities point of view  is the presence of Technical University VSB .


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